make a sweater pillow

>> 1.18.2011

soft cozy sweater pillows are über popular + pricey!
but they are so easy to make. here's how...

sweater {from your closet or thrift store}
pillow form or bating
measuring tape + pencil
needle + thread
straight pins
sewing machine {optional}

how to:
step 1: wash and dry your old sweater. turn sweater inside out.
step 2: lay your pillow form on top of your sweater lining up the design placement.
step 3: measure around the pillow leaving a 1/2" margin to sew.
step 4: mark and cut the sweater.
step 5: hand or machine sew the pieces together, being sure to leave a space for the pillow form to slip in.
step 6:and turn right side out.
step 7: insert the pillow form + hand stitch the opening closed.

now just cuddle up with your pillow, a cup of hot cocoa + a great movie!

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