fabric clutch how to

>> 1.31.2011

today on 'martha monday' are instructions on how to make this fabulous clutch.
be sure to check out the video... so easy + so beautiful.


make a wishing tree

>> 1.28.2011

there is a famous ancient banyan tree in hong kong to which people travel to leave their own special wishes. they write their wishes on colorful red wishing paper + tie them to the tree. i have never been there but we do have a lot of wishes in my household!

so this valentine's day, i am creating our own 'wishing tree'. want to make one too? i have created the wishing tags to get you started {+ have also included instructions on how to put it all together}.

free template download {click to enlarge for printing}

here's how to make your own tree...

a few large tree branches {sans leaves}
a large pot or bucket
white spray paint {optional}

how to:
1. cover the tree branches with several coats of white spray paint. let dry overnight.
2. fill your pot or bucket up with sand. 
3. secure the stems of your tree branches into the sand by firmly pressing them in until they touch the bottom of your container.
4. punch a hole in the tags to create wishing cards + tie a loop of thin ribbon through each.
5. display the cards in a decorative basket along with an assortment of pencils + place them near the wishing tree. 
6. begin wishing!


lacey envelopes for you to make

>> 1.27.2011

i am a big fan of reusing envelopes. they are simple to make from old magazines, cereal boxes + such. but i am truly loving this cute project from we.love.laugh.kiss.

very clever tutorial!


how to grow a grapefruit tree {in its own peel}

>> 1.26.2011

did you know that know it's possible to grow a tree from the seeds in your grocery store grapefruits? and as an added bonus, they will grow right the peel.

how to:
1. cut a grapefruit evenly in half + remove the seeds. wash the seeds off with warm water + allow them to dry overnight.
2. spoon out the remaining insides leaving only a clean bowl made of the rind.
2. use a knife to make a very small hole in the bottom of the bowl. this hole will allow for water drainage.
3. fill the rind about halfway with potting soil.
4. plant a couple seeds in the soil + add a small amount of water.
5. place the rind in a dish + keep it indoors where it willl receive plenty of sunlight.
6. water regularly until the plant matures to the point where it is almost outgrowing the rind.
7. dig a small hole in your garden + place the plant in the ground. there is no need to remove the rind, because it will degrade naturally over time.
8. cover the rind + the base of the plant with soil. continue to water + care for the plant on a regular basis.

generally, seeds grown grapefruit trees will take from 7 to 12 years before they produce fruit.


cosmetic uses for orange peels

>> 1.25.2011

orange peels...don't throw them away! they can help your skin stay younger.

1. as a bathing powder:
dry some orange peels, grind them into a powder {i use  my coffee grinder} + add a few tablespoons to your bath water to make your skin glow.
2. as a facial mask:
mix orange peel powder with with to form a thick paste. apply to face + let on for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water. this mask will absorb excess oil from your skin leaving your face brighter + refreshed.

i use orange peels as an additive in my home made soap. but that is another tutorial in itself!


diy tea sachets

>> 1.24.2011

another fun gift idea from ms stewart...
"make sachets to fill with a mix of favorite loose teas (or create custom blends from dried herbs and edible flowers, such as mint and hibiscus). add tags, and place in a gift box."
check out the how to here.


paint chip valentines

>> 1.21.2011

check out this super cute idea for recycling paint chips from country living! 
how to:
"Press inked stamps onto the strips to form phrases like XOX and let dry for five minutes. Kahn's trick for ensuring that the ink adheres? Coat each paint strip with aerosol hair spray before stamping."


diy aromatherapy neck wrap

>> 1.20.2011

tight, achy muscles welcome a warm embrace at the end of the day. this neck wrap helps to relieve all over body stress and muscle tightness.

needle + thread
12" ribbon
cotton fabric, 11"x18"
safety pin
cotton sock
4 cups uncooked rice {or wheat}
essential oil {optional}

how to:
step 1: begin by folding the cotton fabric 1" in on the short side + and stitch along hem.
step 2: with rights sides of fabric together, fold long sides together {you should now have a 5"x 18" rectangle.
step 3: sew up the top + bottom seam with 1/2" seam allowance leaving a small opening at side hem.
step 4: using a safety pin, thread ribbon through casing; then turn inside out.
step 5: pour your rice into a large bowl. add a few drops of essential oil if desired. stir the rice to help distribute the oil.
step 6: fill your sock with the scented rice + tie sock closed with a knot.
step 7: insert sock into cotton bag + close with the ribbon.

that is it, you are finished!
to use: microwave for 1 to 2 minutes + place on sore muscles


diy wool arm warmers

>> 1.19.2011

this season's hottest must-have accessory will keep you warm and stylish. they are arm warmers. 
if you are a knitter, you are luck because there are hundred upon thousands of tuts on the web {like this one}. but if you are knitty challenged, you can make your own with just the sleeves off an old sweater. 

an old long sleeved felted wool sweater
needle + thread
measuring tape

how to:
step 1. decide how long you'd like your arm warmers; just over the wrist, up to the elbow or even longer.
step 2: measure the distance between your knuckles and where you want the arm warmers to end, then add 1" {for seam allowance and hemming}.
step 3: cut the arms of your sweater off according to your desired length.
step 4: fold over the top and hem along the inside.
step 5: cut a slit for the thumb. felted wool will not fray, so stitching around the thumb hole isn't really necessary.
tada, your arm warmers are done!

note: a quirky look is to mix up the arms of two different colored sweaters; cut them up to create a striped look.


make a sweater pillow

>> 1.18.2011

soft cozy sweater pillows are ├╝ber popular + pricey!
but they are so easy to make. here's how...

sweater {from your closet or thrift store}
pillow form or bating
measuring tape + pencil
needle + thread
straight pins
sewing machine {optional}

how to:
step 1: wash and dry your old sweater. turn sweater inside out.
step 2: lay your pillow form on top of your sweater lining up the design placement.
step 3: measure around the pillow leaving a 1/2" margin to sew.
step 4: mark and cut the sweater.
step 5: hand or machine sew the pieces together, being sure to leave a space for the pillow form to slip in.
step 6:and turn right side out.
step 7: insert the pillow form + hand stitch the opening closed.

now just cuddle up with your pillow, a cup of hot cocoa + a great movie!


leftover wrapping paper idea

>> 1.17.2011

love this idea from martha stewart's site...
what to do with left over wrapping paper: cut strips and wrap around your reusable flatware for your next dinner party.


letters in lights

>> 1.14.2011

i am thinking this work look really amazing in my office. it is on my diy to do list!
check out the tutorial via design sponge


turn your handwriting into a font

>> 1.13.2011

have you always wanted to make a font based on your own handwriting?
me too! so i did it + so can you.
check out how simple it is at  your fonts.com


diy single cupcake stand

>> 1.12.2011

cupcakes are little bites of cake heaven!
they look equally adorable on stands. here is a template from me to you so that you can make your own.

{click on image to view full printable version}


diy cake stand

>> 1.11.2011

pretty cakes stands, like this one, are my weakness.
they add such a charming touch to any event. if you are in a pinch {or just want to have something to leave behind for the hostess}, you can make your own  + it only takes a few minutes!

thrifted plate {goodwill, salvation army sttore, etc}
glass candlestick
permanent adhesive (like e6000)

how to:
1. find the halfway point on the back of your plate and place a dot using a sharpie.
2. coat the rim of the candlestick with adhesive
3. adhere candlestick to back of plate using a slight bit of pressure.
4. let dry upside down for recommended drying time.
5. enjoy your lovely cake stand!

{note} you can also make two tier cake stands using one small plate and one dinner plate. just make sure the base is good + sturdy. you can also use a drinking glass or tulip shaped ice cream sundae dish for the base.


thank you cards

>> 1.10.2011

i am still sending out my ty cards from xmas.
how about you?

here is a free download created by me for you.
{click image below for full screen print version}


love is in the air... again

>> 1.07.2011

you all loved this so much from last year, it deserves a repost!

you can download this notepad here + learn how to turn it into a notepad here. for personal use only please.


crazy for free fonts

>> 1.06.2011

i love love love fonts!
it is the easiest way to add character + pizazz to your craft project.

this one is called 'lemon chicken' + it {along with hundreds of others} is a free download at font squirrel.
have fun!


transform a wire hanger into something useful

>> 1.05.2011

this is not my original idea; but i l♥ve it!
it comes from emily anderson's book: Eco-Chic Home. this little project turns a wire hanger into a little container for berries + such.


make your own 3d glasses

>> 1.04.2011

hooray for 3d movies at home!
how much fun is it to watch the newly released Despicable Me at home on the couch with the kids. that is until the 3d glasses get lost or broken. not to worry, here it a quick diy home craft to make your own.

some other cool 3d movies the kids may enjoy....
Alice in Wonderland
The Polar Express
Ice Age 3

diy 3d glasses template    
{click image to preview + print in full size}


egg's beauty benefits

>> 1.03.2011

the incredible, edible egg is also a your hair's new best friend.
due to its lipids (fat content), egg yolk has a softening effect on your hair while helping to add lustre. try out my kitchen formula conditioner + you will look at the egg in a whole new way.

1 tsp honey
2 Tbs olive oil
1 egg yolk

how to:
mix all ingredients in small bowl. massage on hair in small sections. wrap hair with a towel for 30 minutes. rinse with cool water to avoid cooking the egg then shampoo as usual.

humm, what to do with the egg white...
here's a quick fix for under the eyes.

whip up an egg white until it is foamy. apply one thin layer of the egg white under the eyes to firm bags. apply an additional thin coat over the first for better coverage. apply foundation as usual. this egg white eyelift should last for several hours.


nutella filled waffle bites

>> 1.02.2011

i'm going nutty for nutella.
did you know that this gluten and preservative-free, kosher food has it’s very own holiday? yup, its feb 5th. starting the party off early, here is my little recipe for nutella filled waffle bites.

waffle cones
buttercream frosting

how to:
1. using a serrated knife, cut ends off cones {3 to 4 inches from the bottom}
2. fill with nutella
3. using a piping bag + wilton tip {i used size 131}, pipe frosting on top.
optional: decorate with colored sanding sugar 

refrigerate until ready to serve + enjoy!


homemade hairspray recipe

>> 1.01.2011

yup, it's me, meg!
yup, i am back.
so trying to post a craft a day turned out to be too lofty of a task for me + well, it just did not happen. i am willing to try again but it just may not be everyday. please join me while i work though my dawdling issues for 2011!

and now without any more ranting, here is how to create your own homemade, eco-friendly hairspray on the cheap.

rosemary {optional but it adds extra volume to your hair}
alcohol {optional}

how to:
cut up one whole orange + add it along with a sprig of rosemary to a pan of 2 cups of water. boil it down {orange rinds, seeds, rosemary + all} until it you have 1/2 the amount of liquid you started with. let it cool then strain it through cheesecloth or pantyhose into a reusable spray bottle. keep stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or add one ounce of alcohol as a preservative + can be stored unrefrigerated.

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