a walk through my garden

>> 6.30.2011

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever."
— Alfred Tennyson


as american as apple pie {boxes}

>> 6.29.2011

nothing is more patriotic than apple pie on the 4th of july!
these pie boxes can hold your favorite apple pie recipe. or fill them with with store bought pies. . . it will still be just as cute! see below for the easy craft project + free printable.

white card stock
bone folder
tape or glue stick

how to:
1. first you will need to download the template {see after the jump}
2. print the template out on cardstock.
3. cut out + score the dotted lines with a bone folder.
4. fold the dotted lines... now your box is taking shape.
5. glue or tape the top flap closed + you have a patriotic pie box.


triple chocolate delight cookie bar

this is not my original recipe. i borrowed it from kevinandamanda.com, but it absolutely too delicious not to share. really, try it! if you do not love these cookie bars as much as my family did then i am happy to take the leftovers off your hands. oh, and i also gave it a new name just because i was on a sugar high.

a side note: amanda made her chocolate chip cookie bar recipe from scratch + i am just a bit lazier, i used the boxed mix. still just as delish!


gooseberry jam

>> 6.26.2011

gooseberries: strange name, tart fruit, amazingly yummy jam!

i spent saturday afternoon amongst a prickly bush gathering gooseberries for an old fashioned kentucky treat, gooseberry jam. if you have the chance to pick your own, jump on it... or look for them at your local farmers market. the are in season now!

gooseberry jam recipe
gooseberries are naturally high in pectin so all you need is equal amounts of sugar + berries.
1. snip the tails and stems from the gooseberries + rinse under cold water.
2. place the berries into a large pan + enough water to barely cover the berries.
3. bring to a rolling boil then reduce to a simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
4. add sugar + stir constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved.
5. bring the mixture to a rolling boil again + boil for 5 to 10 minutes.
6. check for gelling
7. process in sterilized canning jars.


all in one organic fertilizer + pesticide

>> 6.23.2011

the world's most perfect fertilizer + pesticide is epsom salt. yup, it really does work!

use it as a fertilizer: one tablespoon per gallon of water. composed almost exclusively of magnesium sulfate, epsom salt is intensely rich in these two minerals that are both crucial to healthy plant life.

use it as a pesticide: sprinkle on + around plants rendering them foul-tasting to garden pests.


how does your organic garden grow?

>> 6.22.2011

one of the things that has been occupying my time over the past couple months is my garden. each year it seems to expand + this year we are growing up to nearly half an acre of yummy organic veggies.

organic gardening does take more care + love than a chemically treated garden but the rewards are well worth the efforts. an indespensable free online resource for any would-be organic gardeners is organicgardening.com.


make a string art wall mural

>> 6.21.2011

where have i been? what have i been doing? why haven't i updated my blog in forever?
all of those questions deserve answers, i know. i will be posting my crafty-ness over the next few weeks + hopefully it will dispel the rumors about me being abducted by aliens!

in the meanwhile, check out this earthy wall mural over at renest.

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