growing sweet potatoes {part 2}

>> 4.30.2010

here i am four weeks later + my sweet potato slips are ready to plant. if you are keeping up with my 'sp' journal, check out part 1. or if you are also growing along with me, it is time to plant the slips. digging in the dirt is my weekend project {with a break on saturday afternoon to watch the derby of course}.

my 'sp' process ...


the most exciting two minutes in sports

>> 4.29.2010

the most exciting two minutes in sports is none other than the kentucky derby! and the most traditionally drink to have in hand this saturday {may 1st} is a mint julep. did you know that... that each year almost 120,000 juleps are served at churchill downs during derby weekend. here is how to we make it here in kentucky...

ky derby mint julep recipe

1 t. confectioners sugar
fresh mint leaves
3 ounces kentucky bourbon
crushed ice
mint sprig, for garnish

place sugar, about 5 mint leaves and half an ounce of bourbon in bottom of chilled glass or cup. muddle or crush the mint to create a thick, green paste in glass. add one handful of finely crushed ice. pour remaining bourbon over ice. add more crushed ice, mounding to top of cup + add fresh mint sprig.


diy cupcake wrappers

>> 4.28.2010

love the look of cupcake wrapper but hate the price? me too! here is a free princess cupcake wrapper template for you to cut out + secure around your favorite treats.

ps: for a customized + personalized design for your little princess, please convo me.


mamma's never-ending to do list

>> 4.27.2010

feel like your to do list is never-ending? me too!
click here for my mamma to do list download... it's free!


honey may cure what ails you

>> 4.26.2010

suffering from seasonal allergies? try local honey for relief...

eating local honey may help relieve the discomfort of seasonal allergies. why? because bees use pollen from local plants, which ends up in honey. straight exposure to pollen often triggers allergies but that exposure to pollen in the honey usually has the opposite effect. it has been found that in honey the allergens are delivered in small, manageable doses and the effect over time. it is much like taking a whole series of allergy immunology injections but much sweeter + a lot less painful!


colored vases

>> 4.23.2010

add a kick to an old mason jar, dollar store vase or just about any glass vessel with a pinch of color. here's how to make this weekend project...

1. pour a bit of paint into your vessel {liquid oil paint works best}.
2. starting at the bottom + moving towards the top, swirl the paint around until no clear spots are showing.
3. pour any excess paint back into your paint can.
4. allow to dry upright for 24 hours.

if you see you have missed a spot, repeat steps 1 through 4.

fill your jars with dried flowers + foliage. these jars are also a great way to organize little spools of thread + buttons in your craftroom.


it's earth day 2010, do something to green up your life

>> 4.22.2010

in celebration of earth day, here a few freebies + activities that are oh so kind to mother nature...

- at walgreens get your ink cartridges refilled for only $1.00. this includes black & white and color ink. you will need to bring in this coupon.
- get a free reusable bag at babies r us + target.
- to make it easier to experience america's great outdoors, the national park service is waiving entrance fees.
- at cvs use your extra care card and receive a freee green bag tag.
- at pottery barn kids, earth day activities, storytime + giveaways from 11am


paper towel rolls into seed pots

>> 4.21.2010

start those little seedlings the easy + inexpensive way... use the core of your paper towel roll. simply cut it down to size, fill the bottom with a bit of tissue {or paper napkin}, add your dirt, sprinkle seeds + watch them grow. when it is time to transplant, just pop the whole thing in the ground; the paper will break down + decompose as your plant thrives.


silverware garden markers

>> 4.20.2010

how does your garden grow?
can you tell one herb from another?
i am taking a cue from bunny hill designs + making my own unique markers from thrifted silverware. if you do not have a letter stamping set, why not improvise with a black permanent sharpie!


propagating lilacs

>> 4.19.2010

mother nature has never given us a sweeter smell than the scent of lilacs. if you are lucky enough to have a friend {like i do} that has a blooming bush, it is very easy to propogate a shoot + grow a clone one in your own backyard.

here's how...
take small shoots from an existing plant. select shoots which are 1 to 2 feet tall. dig deeply to extract as much of the root as possible {the main root will be attached to the mother plant}. use clippers to cut it from the main bush. plant the new shoot in the location you have selected, add compost to the soil before planting. plant 3 to 5 shoots in each area + water thoroughly. keep the soil around your transplant moist, but not water-logged. it will take at least three years before you get blooms on your lilacs.


license plate birdhouse

>> 4.16.2010

the weekend is looming near + my wkend project is this adorable birdhouse.

here's what you'll need:
scrap wood
old license plate
deck screws
drill + drill bits

head on over to runnerduck for a step by step tutorial


license plate trashcan

>> 4.15.2010

create a retro look to your bathroom with a little license plate trashcan. it is easy to do with with six reclaimed plates + a pop rivet gun.

photo by lane patterson


keyring made from an old license plate

>> 4.14.2010

break out your tin snips, hole punch + sander. here is an easy to make personalize keychain. use letters or numbers for a one of a kind gift.

ps: this product is for sale here


reclaimed bookends

>> 4.13.2010

simple, vintage, eco friendly + just plain fun! construction is just as simple as bending the plate to a 90 degree angle.


what to do with old license plates

>> 4.12.2010

absolutely stunning! if you had a collection from all us states, this would be a great diy project. so far i just have one state covered {ky}.

ps: this art piece is for sale here


saving ink with fonts

>> 4.09.2010

did you know that the font you use may be eating up more ink than you realize? according to an article by, switching to century gothic may save you up to 31%. my craft for the day {+ from now on}... print everything in ink friendly fonts!


eco friendly flower pots

>> 4.08.2010

don't toss out your tin coffee cans; i love to paint them + reuse them as flower containers. other items that make great eco friendly pots are paint pails, vegetable cans, tea pots, old mailboxes + wicker baskets. just remember to give your plants good drainage!


diy pallet chair

>> 4.07.2010

2 old pallets + 1 afternoon = my porch sitter for two
you can download the instructions here...


triangle block quilt sew-along

>> 4.06.2010

my mil quilts beautifully. me, not so much. but i thought i would try out this little pattern for a friend's new baby. i started cutting my pieces today... hoping mine will be as cute.

here is the link for the quilt-along if you want to give it a whirl.


welcome spring!

>> 4.05.2010

it was a gorgeous easter weekend!
i planted my garden, a couple pawpaw trees + enjoyed the sunshine.... welcome spring indeed!
i created a notecard to share with you + you can download it here...


april cd calendar

>> 4.02.2010

today i created march's calendar.
you can download it here...


diy window clings

>> 4.01.2010

i love always having a beautiful bunch of flowers on my window sill. it is simple enough to do with transparent window stickers {or window clings}. here's how to make one yourself...

clear contact paper or clear packing tape
a color or b/w photocopy of the image you want to transfer {inkjet images will not work but a picture from a magazine does}

1. cut a piece of contact paper a bit larger than the size of your image.
2. remove the paper backing.
3. place on your work surface, sticky side up.
4. place the image face down onto the sticky surface of the contact paper.
5. flip the two pieces over + use a bone folder or the back of a spoon to rub all over the contact paper so it completely adheres with the surface of the image. trim away excess contact paper.
6. submerge the image into a bowl of lukewarm water + let it sit in the water for 15 minutes.
7. now gently rub off the paper. be gentle.
8. lay the transfer onto paper towels + gently pat the front dry. 
9. with the back still slightly wet, smooth onto your clean window.

note: if your cling is resistant to staying in place on the window, rub with a small amount to glue from a glue stick + reposition.

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