homemade fudgsicles

>> 7.14.2011

i found my twin {they say everyone has one}! well, not an actual twin but rather my fudgsicle loving twinsy. be sure to check out how baking bites makes this homemade chocolaty treat.


flower power cookies

>> 7.12.2011

so beautiful + so edible!
check out the tut for these and other yummy cookie recipes here: the national sugar cookie day online booklet


reclycle an old door into a headboard

>> 7.08.2011

i love this idea! i am sure you have seen them before but have you wondered about the step by step how to? check out martha's link here


wedding dessert table popcorn box

>> 7.05.2011

what else have i been up to? do you remember my valentine popcorn box? well, i turned it into a personalized popcorn treat holder for my cousin's wedding. using inspiration from her invites, i created a one of a kind personalized popcorn box for her dessert table. if you are interested in something clever for your next party, please shoot me an email.

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