diy wool arm warmers

>> 1.19.2011

this season's hottest must-have accessory will keep you warm and stylish. they are arm warmers. 
if you are a knitter, you are luck because there are hundred upon thousands of tuts on the web {like this one}. but if you are knitty challenged, you can make your own with just the sleeves off an old sweater. 

an old long sleeved felted wool sweater
needle + thread
measuring tape

how to:
step 1. decide how long you'd like your arm warmers; just over the wrist, up to the elbow or even longer.
step 2: measure the distance between your knuckles and where you want the arm warmers to end, then add 1" {for seam allowance and hemming}.
step 3: cut the arms of your sweater off according to your desired length.
step 4: fold over the top and hem along the inside.
step 5: cut a slit for the thumb. felted wool will not fray, so stitching around the thumb hole isn't really necessary.
tada, your arm warmers are done!

note: a quirky look is to mix up the arms of two different colored sweaters; cut them up to create a striped look.

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