the 'glam'our of sharpies

>> 3.31.2011

put a sharpie in my hand + i am happy all day! yup, i am a sharpie junkie.
if you are as well, check out the new spring collection featuring five 80's Glam colors.


sew it pretty

>> 3.30.2011

be sure to pick up this free download from the uber talented howjoyful.
{did i mention she has it in 4 colors!}


make scented candles from used cooking oil

>> 3.29.2011

this is ingenious: the oon candlemaker! a little device that turns your old cooking oil into a scented candle. sign me up for  one please!
check it out here


little birdies

>> 3.25.2011

i am smitten!
these little birdies are so cute. i am going to fill mine with rice + essential oil to make the sweetest sachet. you can downlaod the free pattern here.


homemade body powder

>> 3.22.2011

love j+j baby powder?
me too... well, i used to until i discovered the ingredients.
"The ingredients of Johnson's baby powder are listed as Talc, Parfum, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin, Citronellol, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene, Linalool and Benzyl Salicylate." -From Wikipedia

what the heck have i been exposing my skin + baby's skin to? so now it is only an all natural body powder for me. make your own with just 2 simple indredients. cheap + so effective!

supply list:
corn startch
baking soda
uncooked rice
jar + lid with holes {i used a pizza cheese shaker from the $ store}
essential oils {optional}

how to:
1. mix two parts corn startch with one part baking soda in a bowl.
2. add essential oils to scent preference if desired + mix well.
3. add a pinch of uncooked rice to bottom of jar. the rice will keep the powder from clumping.
4. funnel mixture in to jar, attach lid + shake well.
5. use after bath for a dry silky smooth feeling!


easy rose petal pillow

>> 3.03.2011

easy, yes.
time comsuming, somewhat.
stunning, absolutely!

cluck cluck sew has the complete tutorial here.


diy rosette pillow

>> 3.01.2011

wow, what a week i had.
the flu bug sure did kick my butt.
but i am back now {with baby steps}!

as last i wrote, i was talking about pillows + here is a great diy to try out.

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