someone let the sick bugs in while i was sleeping

>> 2.25.2011

got the flu.
be back soon!


doodle pillow

>> 2.23.2011

such a cute pillow.
want to learn how to make your own? just follow the link below.
Doodle Pillow Tutorial « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog


you are just my type

>> 2.22.2011

pillows... love, love, love them!
mr craft + i are redoing the living room so i have pillows on my mind. i might just blog about them all week! but for now here is a freebie download for you, a paper pillow box. just the right size for inserting treats for your font luva.

{click image to view in printable size}


presidents day edible cabin

>> 2.21.2011

happy presidents day!
you are home with you kids + need a little yummy craft to whip up, be sure to check out this cutie from ms stewart.
"This easy project is great for kids; while they construct the cabin, you can teach them about the remarkable president who dedicated himself to the idea that all men are created equal."


knit 1, app 2

>> 2.17.2011

an app that counts my stitches... i love it!
"Knit Counter is a multi-project/multi-counter application for Knitting and Crocheting. Have one for your sweater project, and another for socks, or whatever else you need.
Developed by a knitter, for knitters! "
check it out here


six uses for old pallets

>> 2.16.2011

remember the pallet chair i built last year? well, it is still holding together amazingly! i came across this article 6 Amazing Uses for Pallets and thought hummm... what else can be made from old pallets. let me know your ideas.


how to make a ipad + kindle cover from a book

>> 2.15.2011

adding a bit of your own personality to your tablet pc is a simple as hollowing out an old book. you could buy one {like this from pad + quill} or go the diy route and create your own.

all you need is:
an old book that is at least 2" larger than your tablet pc on all sides, an exacto knife, a ruler, glue, a pencil, fine grit sandpaper + some patience.

how to:
1. open up the book + lay your tablet pc on top
2. trace the outline of tablet
3. use an exacto knife to cut shaped hole, stopping at the back cover
{it is easiest to work a few pages at a time}
4. lightly sand inside the hole to smooth pages
5. add a layer of glue where you just sanded + allow to sit overnight {with a heavy object to weigh it down}
6. insert your tablet + that's it. you are protected in cool school style!


bleach pen batik

>> 2.14.2011

yeah, it's martha monday!
i'm loving this bleach pen technique... so pretty! here's what martha has to say about it:
"Bleach is usually off-limits where colored fabric is concerned, but this decorative application gets our full approval. Using a bleach pen, we created the look of batik (a type of patterned Indonesian textile) on a blue runner and napkins for a coordinated table setting. Try this technique on pillowcases, curtains, and even canvas tote bags."


that's the fork i know

>> 2.11.2011

'where’s the salad?
the salad comes after the meal.
but that’s the fork I know.'
pretty woman is one of my all time favorite movies! charisma she had, table manners... not so much. me however, i learned to set the table from the day i could reach it. and i am pretty sure i've wooed a few of my friends with my etiquette {or at least i think i have as i am always invited back for dinner}.

so how important is it that our kids learn to set a proper table? humm, pretty important in my book. but it can be fun for kids with 'diagram' placements. be sure to check out the free download here.


love rocks!

>> 2.10.2011

yup, i said it... love rocks!
and chocolate of any kind rocks my world too. here is a free download for a candy bar wrapper to gift to your choco-valentine-luva.

{click to view in large printable size}


seed paper roses tutorial

>> 2.09.2011

roses for your valentine!
and these flowers create even more beautiful flowers come springtime. mine are sitting in a vase on my windowsill patiently waiting for the weather to warm up. but you could add a tag + gift a bouquet to your favorite gardener. be sure to download the tutorial at the end of this post + enjoy!

{click for larger printable view}


love cupcake toppers

>> 2.08.2011

ah, the love of a cupcake!
please enjoy this free cupcake topper download...

{click to view in full  size}


valentine wheel

>> 2.07.2011

ms stewart creates this cute, cute, cute valentine wheel...

"create a wheel of rotating endearments along with phrases and symbols that convey your love with every turn."
check out the how to here.


free vintage valentine cards

>> 2.04.2011

many of you asked where i got the cute vintage image for my popcorn box.
i download it here for free!
enjoy :-)


hello kitty, hello!

>> 2.03.2011

who doesn't love bakerella?
what little {and big} girl doesn't love hello kitty?
put the two together + you get these adorable cake pops!

check out her easy to follow tutorial here...


valentine popcorn treats

>> 2.02.2011

sometimes you need something quick and easy to say happy valentine's day to a friend, neighbor or colleague . . . but you still want it to be cute! here's a easy craft project for you.

white card stock
bone folder
tape or glue stick

how to:
1. first you will need to download the template {see after the jump}
2. print the template out on cardstock.
3. cut out + score the dotted lines with a bone folder.
4. fold the dotted lines... now your box is taking shape.
5. glue or tape the side flaps together + you have a mini popcorn box.

fill your box with popcorn, caramel popcorn or a popcorn ball for your favorite valentine!

click to view in full size


"udaman" valentine chocolate wrapper

>> 2.01.2011

how great are these 'u-da-man' chocoate wrappers for your man!
head on over to jeannewinters for the free download.

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