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>> 1.12.2010

♪ every picture tells a story, don't it?
every picture tells a story, don't it? don't it? ♪
... if rod stewart says it's true then who am i to disagree!

let's doodle, come on you know you want to.
today's craft lets you design the perfect story for every photo.
check out the tutorial after the jump...

picture frame {i got mine for $1 at the dollar store}
a note pad {look for one that is the same size or larger than your frame}
pencil or pen
crafter's glue
sharp box cutter {or exacto knife}
binder clips

skill level:
easy peasy but for adults only

step 1:
gather supplies.
step 2:
make sure your note pad is the same dimensions as the outside of your frame. mine was a bit too big so i needed to trim it to size.

step 3:
remove glass + frame stand, set aside.
step 4:
lay frame on top of pad being careful to line both up exactly. then draw inside frame opening onto center of pad.

step 5:
for stablization, clip the pad closed on two open sides. using you ruler as a guide, being to cut along each line. essentially, you are cutting out the center of the note pad to fit with frame opening. the corners can be tricky so go slow + be careful!

step 6:
apply a generous amount to glue over the entire surface on the front of your frame. then lay the pad {face up} on top of frame being careful to line both up exactly.
step 7:
weight it down with a couple heavy books + let the glue dry overnight.

step 8:
once your glue is completely dry, reassemble your frame, add your picture + doodle away!
changing your frame is as easy as tearing off a new sheet of paper.

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