personalized photo notepad

>> 1.13.2010

humm, do you detect a theme here? unintentionally i have turn this this into 'photo' week. well then, let's carry on today with crafting a photo notepad.
please check out the tutorial is after the jump...

the leftover papers + cardboard you cut from the scribble pad frame project
crafter's glue
binder clips
clear tape
your fav photo

skill level:
easy peasy

step 1:
gather supplies.
step 2:
stack picture, notepapers + cardboard. do your best to justify them exact. keep it tight with 2 binder clips on the sides near the top.

step 3:
holding your notepad in the center so the top edge is flat, squeeze a line of glue + smooth it down with your q-tip. add a clip to the center of the top + move the clips from each side to the top as well. let it dry for about two hours.


step 4:
once dry, remove your clips + add a small strip of clear tape from the top edge to the back edge.
stick your notepad in your purse. it is sure to bring a smile whenever some asks 'do you have anything to write on?'

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