diy closet sachet

>> 2.24.2010

out, damned moths + must! out, I say!
if you've got any wool or wool blends in your closet, nasty hungry moths may be lurking. fight back naturally with lavender. check out the instruction below for my diy closet sachet.

step 1
gather supplies: scrap paper {i used my old paper source catalog}, cardboard {i used a cheez-it box}, template {see end of post to download template}, craft glue, exacto knife, bulldog clips, scrap muslin fabric
outline template on two sheets of scrap paper + cut out around edges
step 3
glue papers to cardbox box {wrong sides together} + allow to dry

step 4
once dry, cut out inner square using exacto knife
step 5
put glue around opening on printed side of cardboard + lay scrap muslin on top
step 6
repeat for 2nd hanger + allow to dry

step 7
once dry, add lavender buds or potpourri to center
step 8
put glue around opening + lay 2nd hanger on top
step 9
attach bulldog clips around edges + allow to dry overnight
step 10
hang over rod clothes rod in closet + keep your wool safe from moth holes!

click image below to download closet sachet template

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