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>> 1.07.2010

the shelves on the breast of the post christmas days
gave the lustre of pink + red coloring to objects in trays,
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a plethora of valentine's day merchandise already this year!
yep, santa is just a distant happy memory. and the retailers are stocking their shelves for the next 'big' holiday... valentine's day. just a bit early isn't it? geesh, we still have nearly 6 weeks to shop.
but this got me thinking, why just send love cards on valentine's day. and really, do hearts always need to be red? i love being in love {who doesn't}. so today's craft is a quilled heart card for my guy because he is loved eight days a week...
print out the template below + follow the instructions posted after the jump.

Quill Heart Card Template

2 round toothpicks {or 1 toothpick + your quilling tool}
craft glue
8 strips of paper measuring 1/4" wide x 10 1/2" long {i used the cover from my paper source catalog}
card stock
quill heart card template

skill level:
easy with a bit of patience

step 1:
fold strip of paper in half + crease edge

step 2:
begin on one side of strip + roll around toothpick downward to inside of 'v'.
be careful to keep coil fairly snug + aligned.
roll to just before crease.

step 3:
repeat to other side of strip.
let the coils loosen naturally.
pinch the bottom a bit to form a heart shape {as shown below}.

step 4:
with your second toothpick, dab a small amout of glue between coils to seal heart together.

repeat steps 1-4 until you have created 8 hearts.
don't worry if they all don't look exact, this just adds to the charm.

step 5:
get out your quill heart card template + add a small dab of glue to each grey dot.

step 6:
lay your quilled hearts on the cardstock.
be careful to place the coils over the glue drops.

step 7:
allow to dry + fold in half.
a perfect card to show your love eight days a week!

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