how to make a ipad + kindle cover from a book

>> 2.15.2011

adding a bit of your own personality to your tablet pc is a simple as hollowing out an old book. you could buy one {like this from pad + quill} or go the diy route and create your own.

all you need is:
an old book that is at least 2" larger than your tablet pc on all sides, an exacto knife, a ruler, glue, a pencil, fine grit sandpaper + some patience.

how to:
1. open up the book + lay your tablet pc on top
2. trace the outline of tablet
3. use an exacto knife to cut shaped hole, stopping at the back cover
{it is easiest to work a few pages at a time}
4. lightly sand inside the hole to smooth pages
5. add a layer of glue where you just sanded + allow to sit overnight {with a heavy object to weigh it down}
6. insert your tablet + that's it. you are protected in cool school style!

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