make a wishing tree

>> 1.28.2011

there is a famous ancient banyan tree in hong kong to which people travel to leave their own special wishes. they write their wishes on colorful red wishing paper + tie them to the tree. i have never been there but we do have a lot of wishes in my household!

so this valentine's day, i am creating our own 'wishing tree'. want to make one too? i have created the wishing tags to get you started {+ have also included instructions on how to put it all together}.

free template download {click to enlarge for printing}

here's how to make your own tree...

a few large tree branches {sans leaves}
a large pot or bucket
white spray paint {optional}

how to:
1. cover the tree branches with several coats of white spray paint. let dry overnight.
2. fill your pot or bucket up with sand. 
3. secure the stems of your tree branches into the sand by firmly pressing them in until they touch the bottom of your container.
4. punch a hole in the tags to create wishing cards + tie a loop of thin ribbon through each.
5. display the cards in a decorative basket along with an assortment of pencils + place them near the wishing tree. 
6. begin wishing!

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