how to grow a grapefruit tree {in its own peel}

>> 1.26.2011

did you know that know it's possible to grow a tree from the seeds in your grocery store grapefruits? and as an added bonus, they will grow right the peel.

how to:
1. cut a grapefruit evenly in half + remove the seeds. wash the seeds off with warm water + allow them to dry overnight.
2. spoon out the remaining insides leaving only a clean bowl made of the rind.
2. use a knife to make a very small hole in the bottom of the bowl. this hole will allow for water drainage.
3. fill the rind about halfway with potting soil.
4. plant a couple seeds in the soil + add a small amount of water.
5. place the rind in a dish + keep it indoors where it willl receive plenty of sunlight.
6. water regularly until the plant matures to the point where it is almost outgrowing the rind.
7. dig a small hole in your garden + place the plant in the ground. there is no need to remove the rind, because it will degrade naturally over time.
8. cover the rind + the base of the plant with soil. continue to water + care for the plant on a regular basis.

generally, seeds grown grapefruit trees will take from 7 to 12 years before they produce fruit.

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