diy window clings

>> 4.01.2010

i love always having a beautiful bunch of flowers on my window sill. it is simple enough to do with transparent window stickers {or window clings}. here's how to make one yourself...

clear contact paper or clear packing tape
a color or b/w photocopy of the image you want to transfer {inkjet images will not work but a picture from a magazine does}

1. cut a piece of contact paper a bit larger than the size of your image.
2. remove the paper backing.
3. place on your work surface, sticky side up.
4. place the image face down onto the sticky surface of the contact paper.
5. flip the two pieces over + use a bone folder or the back of a spoon to rub all over the contact paper so it completely adheres with the surface of the image. trim away excess contact paper.
6. submerge the image into a bowl of lukewarm water + let it sit in the water for 15 minutes.
7. now gently rub off the paper. be gentle.
8. lay the transfer onto paper towels + gently pat the front dry. 
9. with the back still slightly wet, smooth onto your clean window.

note: if your cling is resistant to staying in place on the window, rub with a small amount to glue from a glue stick + reposition.

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