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>> 3.11.2010

each year we plant a huge organic vegetable yard {nearly 1/2 an acre}. it is so much work + so rewarding! while the big planting weekend does not happen until after the derby, i got off to a bit of a head start today with some potatoes.

everyone knows that growing patio tomatoes is easy. but did you know that growing patio potatoes is just as simple? instead of planting them in the ground, planting them in buckets will save you lots of time and energy. no need to plow the ground, weed the garden or dig the potatoes up once matured {just turn the bucket over dump out your crop of fresh potatoes}.

here's how:
1. acquire seed potatoes!
some say that you can use store bought potatoes that have the shoots on them, but i do not recommend this because store bought potatoes are chemically treated.
2. drill holes in your bucket about two inches from the bottom + some on the bottom as well. potatoes love good drainage.
3. add four tp six of potting medium into a five gallon bucket.
4. put the potatoes eye-side up in the bucket + cover lightly with soil.
5. water well.
6. keep adding soil as your plants grow. continue until your bucket is full. in a few months your plant's leaves will turn brown, this is how you will know it is time for harvesting.

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