sls, shampoo + you

>> 2.01.2010

quick, read the indredient label on the back of your shampoo bottle... go ahead, i'll wait! does it contain sls {sodium lauryl sulfate}? chances are it does because sls a main ingredient in 95% of all commercial shampoos. sls is the additive that makes the foamy lather we love so much but it is also a main ingredient in floor degreasers. yuck!

studies have linked sls in shampoos to hair loss. and because our hair is our crowning glory, who wants to take chances {we already lose enough with the stress of motherhood}. luckily there are some outstanding organic alternatives + many are available at our local drugstores + big box stores.

i have made the switch, have you?
ps: if shopping is an art then label awareness is surely a craft of the day!

some of my afordable favs...
organix shampoo coconut shampoo  ...i worship this shampoo!

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