homemade chocolate hearts

>> 2.09.2010

you may be wondering why make chocolates when you can go out and buy a box + even get it wrapped at no extra cost? because, everything tastes better when it is handmade with love! so i crafted up some super easy peanut butter chocolate hearts for my valentine. see how i did it after the jump...

semi-sweet chocolate chips
peanut butter chip (or you could use mint, white chocolate: your choice}
ramekin or microwave safe bowl
heart mold

1. start by layering the chips side by side.
2. melt in microwave at short 10 second bursts until softened.
3. spoon into molds by scooping up a bit of each flavor.
4. set out until chocolate reaches room temperature then put the mold in the fridge for 30-40 minutes until chilled.
5. pop out your chocolates, admire + wrap in a pretty box for your valentine!

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