rice water for your skin

>> 1.21.2010

today i fed my skin a healthy dose of rice water...

an ancient asian tradition for brides is to wash their skin with rice water everyday for three weeks until their wedding. why? because it gave them the most beautiful soft + translucent skin. in fact the hands of sake workers are some of the softest + wrinkle free you will ever shake.

so how does it work? all you have to do is to keep aside the water used to wash rice before cooking it. the water will appear ‘cloudy’ because you are actually washing off the starch. wash your face with your regular cleanser, pat dry + rinse with a generous helping of rice water letting the water dry naturally. for best results, follow this regiment twice a day {morning and evening}. you will soon notice a huge difference; your skin is lighter, smoother and softer.

ps: rice is rich in gamma-oryzanol, a powerful antioxidant that contains fats regulating collagen production.

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