recycled styrofoam silhouette prints

>> 1.04.2010

ever since i was old enough to hold a crayon, a post christmas tradition in my house was to write + send thank you notes for gifts i received. i have continued this ritual well into my adulthood. partly because it is a nice thing to do + partly because if i don't, i think my mom will secretly find out. so here is my craft for today... thank you cards!

paper silhouette
ballpoint pen
exacto knife
acrylic paint
foam brush
recycled styrofoam meat tray

skill level:
easy peasy

find a styrofoam food tray, and wash it out well.
step 2
look for a flat surface + cut away areas that are not flat.
step 3
tape silhouette to styrofoam + trace around image. remember to draw in a mirror image to what you want the final picture to look like.

step 4
using an exacto knife, cut around silhouette. you can smooth out any rough edges with a nail file. using your pen, add text {ie thank you} backwards.

step 5
using a foam brush, paint over the the stamp.
step 6
press the painted stamp onto paper.
step 7
carefully lift the styrofoam stamp to reveal the print.
step 8
let dry + get ready to give thanks!

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